Follow Penang’s model in handling frontliner cleaner and guards, Kula says

We & @KesatuanPSHK just met @mkula to discuss abt absorbing frontliner cleaners & guards at schools and hospitals as government employees, instead of thru the parasitic contract system that prevents workers from enjoying basic rights (no MC, annual leave, annual increment, etc)

@mkula suggested to follow the model of Penang state govt, where workers are employed directly by the school. This practice eliminates contractors from the equation, allocating more money for the workers themselves.

In 2019, the govt spent RM1.5Bil to school security contractors, yet only RM1Bil went to the 40,000+ school guards all across the country. The remaining RM500mil cld be spent on workers’ annual increment, pension, annual leave, medical benefits, shoe & uniform allowance.

#HapusSistemKontrak#CleanerJugaFrontliner#JaminanKerjaHakSemua If you think taking care of frontliner cleaners & security guards is vital to our national health, sign the petition!

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